By on July 15, 2004

Offers Opportunities for Extraction Industry

Businesses involved in the extraction industry could pick up substantial work from the $300 million Wimmera Mallee Pipeline project, according to Industry Capability Network consultant John Fullerton.

The project involves converting 17,500 kilometres of century-old open irrigation channels – from the Grampians to the Murray River – to piping. The aim is to save 93,000 mega litres of water from being lost to evaporation and seepage each year in a bid to help revitalise the parched waterways of Western Victoria.

“The project requires large quantities of sand and soil at specific stages during its construction phase. The extraction industry has a tremendous opportunity to be involved because of its special expertise,” said Mr Fullerton.

Sand is required in the early stages of the open channel conversion when pipeline is laid in a trench on top of a layer of sand at least 75 mm thick, depending on the size of the pipe being laid. Soil and dirt is then needed to fill in the existing open channel system of irrigation.

While the project is still in its funding stages, Mr Fullerton is urging extraction companies to register now on the ICN database, www.icnvic.org.au

 “He added that whilst ICN was set up to seek out import replacement opportunities for business the organisation’s role in the regions also includes providing information on local industry capability.  He further explained that his role is to act as an information broker and matchmaker to identify opportunities and bring local buyers and suppliers together”.

By registering on the ICN database, companies will increase their prospects of involvement in the project, advised Mr Fullerton.

Extraction companies wishing to receive more information, should contact John Fullerton, ICN’s Western and Northern Victorian consultant, on 5320 5962 (Ballarat) or 5441 8611 (Bendigo), or log onto the Industry Capability Network’s website on www.icnvic.org.au

Industry Capability Network was formerly known as Industrial Supplies Office.

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