Adornato Sand & Gravel Supplies

By on January 28, 2020

HAN ALAM of Finlay Screening & Crushing Systems reports on the long term relationship with Adornato Sand & Gravel Supplies.

Ross Adornato started managing the Company in 1999 with his brother Frank. Since then the Company has become a thriving supplier of sand and gravel to the Shepparton area and beyond.

“My father Sam and Uncle George Adornato started the Company in the late sixties. They were not only involved in sand supply, they also supplied farm and vegetable products to the local area” said Ross.

They invested in their first screening plant in 2004 which was a Finlay 312 on wheels. Their business expanded at a rapid pace supplying sand for the civil/building needs in the area.

Finlay Screening & Crushing Systems have supported CMPA Members since 2007 with Adornato Sand & Gravel Supplies becoming a valued Member of CMPA in 2008. Ross is very happy running his own independent business and sees the CMPA as being a vital support. Adornato’s has purchased and used CMPA publications and checklists and have supported the CMPA and other members through their involvement in the Bendigo car rally and sponsoring the annual dinner.

Ross and Finlay 312.

By 2011 the demands were such that the Finlay 312 could no longer cope with supplying material with various jobs for companies such as Mawson Constructions, Jarvis Delahey Contractors and N L Drainage to name a few.

“Our sand has been provided for street scapes, civil and building sites, sports fields including football, bowls and tennis” says Ross. “We needed a bigger machine that could take on larger loads with larger loaders and excavators” he said.

After discussions with Han Alam of Finlay, they purchased a Terex Finlay 683, a two deck machine on tracks. They were thereafter in full gear and could meet the demands. They have found the machines to be reliable and low maintenance.

“The back up from Finlay with spares and service is excellent and the machines keep working and working” says Ross.

“The machines are in excellent condition in all respects which is due to the way service maintenance is carried out by Adornato Sands” says Han Alam of Finlay.

Ross and Finlay 683.

Adornato Sands have a fleet of about 13 trucks, Cat Wheel Loaders/Excavators to support their business. They continue to grow and supply sand to the Shepparton area and into some areas of NSW with material very much in abundance for the next twenty years at least.

Adornato Truck.
Ross and Han

60 Seconds with a voting member . . .

What is your name?
Ross Adornato

Who do you work for?
Adornato Sand & Gravel Supplies

What is your role at the company?

How many years have you been involved in the Industry?
28 years

What are your hopes for the industry?
Continued growth in the industry

What is on the radar for 2020?
Providing material for a lot of civil and building projects

What do you love about your work?
Keeping our customers happy with the materials and the service we provide.

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