Alex Fraser group takes delivery of two Thor Stackers

By on April 12, 2008

Alex Fraser Group a dynamic and progressive company in the recycling industry have recently taken delivery of 2ThorStack2 Model T140-8 units.

Currently they use conventional methods of building stockpiles using loaders, however with their unique type of product (recycled and crushed concrete) the residual fine sand cement pack down with the operation of the loader which creates serious problems when trying to reclaim.

It is also difficult to control segregation and provide product to specification without mixing using the loaders.

These new Thor Stackers have the facility to slew, telescope and luff, all controlled by an onboard P.L.C.

The stacker is programmed to generate a series of radial windrow piles combining the slewing and telescopic motions.As the pile builds an ultrasonic sensor at the head end detects the proximity of the growing pile and raises the boom for the next series of passes.

Discharge of the material is always close to the pile minimising dust, wind segregation and additional generation of fines due to product impacting on top of product on the pile.

Eliminating the use of loaders for stockpiling and control of segregation were the major issues for Alex Fraser to update their operations with the installation of the Thor Stackers.

Considering rising fuel, labour and maintenance costs for loaders compared with the low operating and maintenance costs of the stackers (essentially 2 conveyors and some simple drives) plus the elimination of a dedicated operator, the return on the investment was easily justified.

Thor-Global have supplied hundreds of stackers including a variety of installations in Australia for coal, iron ore, zinc, aggregates, road base, sand, recycled concrete and heap leaching.

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