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By on December 13, 2023

CMPA is the premier representative body for the Victorian extractive resources industry. It represents a broad spectrum of those involved in construction material processing businesses and has a membership base consisting of over 200 quarries across the industry. Together, these members employ approximately 2000 Victorians which underpins the construction industry of almost 240,000 employees (

CMPA members are typically small to medium sized family and private businesses, public companies, local government, and utility providers. Many are regionally based employers and service local construction, infrastructure, and road maintenance needs. The extractives sector is a key pillar within the construction industry underpinning the growth and economic development of Victoria through supply of the construction materials.

In 2021/22, the sector supplied approximately 70 million tonnes of construction materials and 6 million tonnes of recycled construction materials to the market (25% of total freight movement in Victoria), at a value of approximately $1.2 billion directly supporting Victoria’s $80 billion Big Build ( and the estimated 1.6 million new homes required by 2050 (

The CMPA is able to prosper and grow due to the support of Associate Members, who also play an important role in sustaining extractive industry businesses in Victoria.

William Adams is a founding Associate Member of the CMPA since 2000 that has provided invaluable support to the CMPA and the industry across the last 23 years. Their support of the CMPA through advertising in publications, sponsorship and attendance at events big and small as well as hosting numerous meetings and events at their sites has helped CMPA Members to learn, network and grow.

Employees of William Adams continue to represent the suppliers of the extractive industry on the Associate Committee, with the endeavor to commit to growing the industry.

PHOTO: Service & Maintenance – Fixed Plant Workshop Nov 2022 William Adams Sunshine West

Jason Rudge currently Sales Manager – Regional and Government for William Adams is one of those employees.

Jason started at William Adams in 2012 as Customer Development Manager, followed by a move to Major Accounts Manager – Quarry & Aggregates in 2014 and to his present role in 2022.

Jason is married to Nina for twenty four years and has two children, Josh (21) and Grace (17).

He joined the CMPA Associate Committee in 2015 and was the Associate Chairperson for 6 years from 2017/18 to 2022/23. He is currently still on the committee providing ongoing support to the current members.

PHOTO: 1st meeting as Associate Chairperson 2017
PHOTO: CMPA Annual Dinner 2017
PHOTO: William Adams 15 CMPA Member Award

CMPA Member Services Manager, Gavin Moreira asked Jason the following questions.

How has being on the Associate Committee and being a part of the Management Committee for the last 6 years helped with his role at William Adams?

Being on the Associate Committee and being part of the Management Committee has been a perfect opportunity to liaise with Quarry owners and their Senior management alike, to better understand their businesses and the challenges and enable us to understand where us as William Adams can
support the members. The relationships built at committee level are truly appreciated.

What have you got out of being on the Associate and Management Committee and being the Associate Chairperson?

The relationships built within the CMPA committees have enabled far better working relationships with the Construction Materials sector and given Voting members a direct contact to Associates if required. Spending time with these influential, experienced and very passionate professionals allows you to get a true understanding of the industry and just how important these businesses are for themselves, their families and the broader community now and deep into the future.

While on the Management committee it is also a great chance to remind voting members that associates are not just suppliers, but very much supporters of their businesses and the industry that they work so hard to uphold.

What has Jason achieved as Associate Chairperson in the last 6 years for the CMPA and the Associates?

The last six years has seen a steady stream of major projects in Victoria get off the ground and a considerable increase in demand on resources for both Voting Members and Associates alike. Whilst there is an increased positivity within the sector the approach to spending is always both calculated and responsible. Voting Members and their quarry operational teams have continued to support the Associate members with business at every opportunity while keeping them competitive in the marketplace. This has seen an increase in demand for the Associates.

While the current and expected future increase in demand remains, it is still important that the Associates continue to focus on providing Innovation, technology and productivity improvements to our products and services to provide the Voting Members with the best value proposition.
The support from Voting Members to the Associate as a “Preferred Supplier” is greatly appreciated and well acknowledged. The Associates need to continue to remain competitive and responsive.

The Associate Members regularly sponsor and attend the various Field Training programs run by the CMPA in the regional areas. This continues to provide excellent interaction and business opportunities amongst the various attendees. Also pleasing is the numbers attending these sessions, which shows the CMPA is not only providing varied sessions in the right locations, but topics or people that the members want to learn about or listen to.

The key training sessions, include workshops, general meetings in both the Metro and Regional areas of Victoria, webinars and of course the Annual Dinner.

The Associate Members continue to provide technical and commercial articles in the Sand & Stone magazine for the benefit of the large reader base from various walks of the industry.

The marketing pack continues to evolve and the increase in Online advertising for Members will continue to grow. The additional presence of the CMPA on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook has also provided the Association an excellent platform for media release and articles of interest.

The Associate Committee have been instrumental in pushing for the CMPA website to be re-developed, the first since 2014 is exciting. It continues to push the strong message of the Extractive industry and the value it offers our communities.
This, in conjunction with the ‘Quarries Build Communities’ TV commercial in Regional Victoria will hopefully allow local residents to better understand quarries and value the opportunities having resources close by provides. We congratulate the CMPA and the Management Committee on embracing change and becoming more visible.

The Preferred Supplier & General Information Reference Manual which is a very informative source of the Associates product and service offerings is a popular booklet with the operations team of the Voting Members. It however remains the responsibility of the Associates to highlight their presence in the booklet during their site visits to facilitate in-the-group product sourcing.

“My special thanks go to the dedicated team of Dr. Elizabeth Gibson, Gavin Moreira, Sarah Andrew and April Everitt for their unwavering support.

I would like to formally thank my Associates Committee, non-committee members who attended the meetings for their constructive participation at the meetings, efforts in addressing issues, good ideas in progressing our purpose and providing a good think tank to represent the views and
expectations of the Associates.

I would also like to record my personal thanks to each and every member of the CMPA Management Committee and the Associates Committee in working cohesively on the issues that were jointly tackled towards a common goal and making my years as Chairperson an easy one.”

Photo: Walsh Learmonth Quarry

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