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By on May 3, 2023

With economic instability and supply chain constraints delivering constant pressure, there has never been a better time to support local. Given Victoria has the luxury of being home to many world-class industry leaders, the choice of suppliers for members of the CMPA has been made even
simpler. Two such leaders, are FUCHS Lubricants and BARRO GROUP Mountain View Quarries. As family-owned companies grown from simple beginnings, they share many similarities, but the most important is, they both run local stateof-the-art facilities that service the Victorian Construction and Earth Resources Industries.

Starting as Barro’s Paving Co in 1946, the company has diversified over the years, and now as BARRO GROUP, is an Australian industry leader in all aspects of concrete production, hard-rock quarries and sand pits to name a few.

BARRO GROUP – Mountain View Quarries, Point Wilson – Conveyor Belt.

BARRO GROUP purchased their first quarry, Mountain View Quarries at Montrose in 1962. Around the same time a sand pit in the You Yangs was acquired. Throughout the seventies the company expanded with additional quarries at Bacchus Marsh and Point Wilson.

FUCHS Lubricants – Sunshine Plant.

With a blank palette and years of experience to draw on, BARRO GROUP focused heavily on the scope and design of the plant. The emphasis was on increasing tonnage output through automation and ease of maintenance while ensuring high levels of safety across the plant.

Fast forward to today, Mountain View Quarries, which is made up of over 10 world class sites that specialise in a wide range of aggregates, crushed rock, coarse and fine sands and gravels. These sites provide an invaluable supply of local materials to the Victorian construction industry without the unreliability and additional costs of interstate and international supply chains. This local supply also significantly lowers the CO2 emissions associated with long distance transportation.

Given their commitment to local industry, it makes perfect sense that BARRO GROUP have partnered with FUCHS Lubricants as their lubricants supplier. With their own state-of the-art plant located in Sunshine Victoria, FUCHS, who is the only lubricants manufacturer to still produce lubricants, coolants, greases and additives in Australia, provides world class products that are expertly designed to protect the machinery that keeps Mountain View Quarries in operation.

With a steady flow of crushed rock travelling along BARRO GROUP conveyor belts, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum is critical. With up to 23hrs a day of continuous running during peak busy periods, BARRO GROUP relies on FUCHS RENOLIT XTB 2 grease. Ideal for civil and construction equipment bearing heavy loads at low speeds, RENOLIT XTB 2 is also utilised in the auto- greasing units of machinery onsite to protect equipment against contaminants like dirt and debris in these extreme conditions.

Conveniently stored onsite in FUCHS grease hoppers, there is always a steady supply of RENOLIT XTB 2 available to keep the BARRO GROUP quarries in good working order.

But conveyor belts are not the only mega machines that FUCHS lubricants are protecting across the Mountain View Quarries sites. BARRO GROUP also uses a range of FUCHS TITAN products to maintain their fleet of CAT 992 loaders, including TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE 15W-40, TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 30, TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 50 and TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 10W. Without these massive machines to transport the extracted rock from the pit, the quarry sites would come to a stand-still which is why BARRO GROUP relies on the premium lubricants manufactured by FUCHS to meet the demanding requirements of this mega fleet.

BARRO GROUP Mountain View Quarries, Donnybrook – CAT Loaders.

Importantly, FUCHS Lubricants production subsidiaries are CO2-neutral (“gate-to-gate”) with a plan to offer CO2-neutral products (“cradle to gate”) by 2025 through the use of renewable energy across all its manufacturing plants. This helps to ensure that Victorian Construction and Earth Resources Industries and members like BARRO GROUP are operating in a more sustainable way.

For more information on how FUCHS Lubricants can not only protect but also improve the efficiency of your equipment, contact Louis Vardakis on or at 0418 352 953. You can also contact FUCHS customer service team on 1800 1800 13 or visit

BARRO GROUP a proud founding Member of the CMPA. We thank the CMPA for the benefits our membership provides, particularly the practical solutions and effective voice for our industry.

FUCHS Lubricants joined the CMPA in 2021 to strengthen it’s relationships with existing partners within the organisation as well as build new partnerships with like-minded members.

Committed to supporting the local Earth Resources Industry, FUCHS manufactures more than 95% of it’s premium range of lubricants locally at our two plants in Sunshine, Vic and Beresfield, NSW. FUCHS is also committed to leading sustainable practices within the construction industry, going beyond their own manufacturing process.

In addition to this, FUCHS Lubricants are expertly designed to reduce energy consumption and increase the service life of machinery, helping CMPA Members improve their efficiency and achieve their own sustainability targets.

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