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Since the mid 80’s, 48 Victorians have died as a result of incidents involving forklifts with a number of them resulting from lack of reversing systems. This problem is just the tip of the iceberg.

All operators of heavy vehicles reversing frequently in all industries are responsible in such a simple yet not overly exposed and explored issue. Needless to say safety should be a priority for all companies and individuals and should be covered in the most comprehensive method.

Worksafe Victoria has recognised such issues and increasingly pressures entities to have sufficient safety systems installed for the safety of everyone.

The brigade back alarm is a reversing alarm in high demand in Europe at the moment and more importantly, it is the reversing alarm of the future for many industries.

Recently released in Australia and readily available through Roylance’s P/L, it has already been accepted by the mining and quarry industry along with the Government sector also. The back alarm gives an urgent but friendly Shh…Shh…Shh… sound as its warning system, compared to the conventional ‘bleep’ sound.

The new back alarm uses broadband sound technology (BBS TEK) which is fully directional and equally effective at 5dB lower than conventional bleepers. The broadband sound enables people to localise the sound immediately, and has a huge benefit in locations such as quarries, factories, construction sites and built up residential areas that have a low tolerance to machines reversing morning and night.

The BBS TEK back alarm has now been accepted by Roylance’s clients and Members of CMPA such as Yarra Valley and Mawsons Quarries, William Adams and Melroad Equipment,just to mention a few.

The sound has been specifically designed to be audible to the human ear, but not as high pitched. The pitch is less irritable to the ear and has proven to be very popular in work areas.

For example: Boundary noise or output is measured in such terms: Output db (A) @ 1m= 108.6 and103.6 for heavy duty applicationBBS-107 & BBS-102 range.

The BBS back alarm is designed to dissipate 6db for every doubling distance.

I.e. BBS 102-Construction equipment and earth moving equipment

  • @ 2m about 96 db
  • @ 4m 90db
  • @ 8m 84db
  • @ 16m 78db
  • @ 32m 72db
  • @ 64m 66db

Comparison to everyday noise

60db Conversation, dishwasher
70db Busy traffic, vacuum cleaner
80db Alarm clock
90db Lawnmower
100db Snowmobile, chainsaw
110db Rock music

BBS-87- Light commercial vehicles and forklifts

  • @ 2m about 81db
  • @ 4m 75db
  • @ 8m 69 db
  • @ 16m 63db
  • @ 32m 57db
  • @ 64m 51db

The new back alarm also minimises the risk of confusion as to which machine is reversing and also reduces irritation by dissipating more quickly than the conventional bleeper. The new range on offer covers heavy, medium and light applications.

The Brigade BBS TEK back alarm really leaves no room for an excuse now as an alternative to the traditional reversing alarms, problems and excuses can be solved or at least minimised.

Main features of the Brigade BBS TEK backalarm:

Solid-state, spark free electronics epoxy-sealed against mud, dust, water and vibration.

Tough, durable, guaranteed waterproof.

For further information contact:
Mio Savic
Roylances P/L
(03 9645 6622)

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