CMPA News – (Issue 88)

By on September 27, 2016

Membership Renewals

All Members have received their renewals for 2016/17. We have had a fantastic response to date, for those who haven’t responded as yet it would be greatly appreciated if the application form can be completed and sent back via email, fax or post.

2016/17 Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual

The CMPA Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual 2016/17 has been delayed. It is currently being collated and will be delivered in late October 2016.

Emails to Associate Members with DRAFT details of your page have been sent out. It would be greatly appreciated if you can confirm your content as well as send through your photos to Jacinta Gall at

There are also a few advertising spaces still available to be purchased for this annual publication. This year’s manual will be in full colour to  further enhance your company logo and the photos on your page. Thank you to the members who are already advertising in the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual, your support is greatly appreciated.

Member Site Visits North East Victoria

A number of site visits were conducted by Adrian Town (Development Manager) and Dr Elizabeth Gibson (General Manager) in North East Victoria from 3-5 August 2016.

The first site visited, not far from CMPA head office in Kilmore, was Central Quarries, Seymour (E B Mawson & Sons). Kevin Brown (Site Manager) gave a tour of the quarry pointing out improvements and upgrades which had been made since its purchase. Next on the agenda was Redstone Crushing and Plant Hire where we met and had discussions with Rod North (Owner) and
Courtney North. Further up the Hume Freeway we visited Violet Town Quarries and met with Stephen Dowell (Quarry Manager).

The CMPA has a new policy of visiting regional offices of ERR (DEDJTR) and WorkSafe (unfortunately Worksafe were called away at  the last minute) to hear about local issues. David Whitehouse, Operations Manager NE, Laurie Brown Inspector of Mines and Maree Cloney Tenements Officer were met at the ERR (DEDJTR) regional office in Benella.

The last visit of the day was Lima South Quarry where we met Ashley Day (owner) at the new quarry office building for discussions together with a tour of the quarry.

On the Thursday (4 August 2016) we met with Betty Crameri of GW & BR Crameri Earth moving in Myrtleford followed by a visit to Tallangatta Construction & Maintenance where we met with Richard Sharpe.

On Friday 5 August 2016 a visit was made to Baxter Concrete in Wodonga with Brendan Baxter (owner) followed by Barro Wodonga Quarries with Brad Golding (Area Manager). The final visit was to Judd & Sons in Yarrawonga with Matthew Judd. A number of issues were raised in discussions with Members such as Native Vegetation, Catchment Management Authorities, the length of
time for an approved Work Authority and so on. There was general praise for the work the CMPA is undertaking on behalf of industry and for the “Working Safely with Geotechnical Risk in Quarries” guideline and workshop.

Thank you all for making us most welcome.

Benefits of Membership of CMPA

The success of CMPA, the peak body in Victoria for family, Council and State Government quarries; and recyclers; is due to its membership base: Voting, Associate and Workforce members working together with one collective voice to State and Federal Governments.

The CMPA is overseen by an elected Management Committee which is guided by the CMPA Statement of Purpose The CMPA will:

  • Conduct its affairs with honesty and integrity;
  • Demonstrate its commitment to the: – Viability of the industry; – Protection of the environment;  and – Community in which it exists.
  • Vigorously pursue with the government and others issues of widespread concern to members;
  • Demonstrate leadership and a sense of direction for the industry;
  • Act as a resource and provide support to members through the delivery of cost savings and assistance in complying with legal obligations;
  • Foster unity and cooperation between members and others; and
  • Promote continuous improvement through education, training and other activities.

CMPA influencing. Since inception in 2000 the CMPA has been active in representing Members’ interests to government on issues such as:

  • Work Authority Approval Process including risk based work plans;
  • Rehabilitation bonds; and
  • Supply and demand of extractive resources.

CMPA communication. Communication with Members is through the CMPA bimonthly magazine (Sand & Stone), Preferred Suppliers Manual, the CMPA website and industry updates through email.

CMPA events. Events include training workshops, general meetings and AGM/ annual dinner.

CMPA industry tools. Industry tools have been developed by CMPA with input from the extensive membership experience in the extractive industry to assist Members in their businesses:

  • Development of reference manuals;
  • Development of Guidelines; – Guarding Plant and Equipment in the Construction Material Industry; – Blast Management Plan Template in the Construction Materials Industry; – Traffic Management Plan Template in the Construction Material Industry; – Working Safely with Geotechnical Risk in Quarries; and – Dust Management Guideline.
  • Preferred Suppliers and General Information Reference Manual; and
  • Administration documents; – Plant safety checklists; and – Employee wage books.

Please contact Gavin Moreira, today, on or 03 5781 0655 for further information on CMPA Membership.

Wall Planner

As we approach the final quarter of 2016, the Secretariat is now preparing the 2017 CMPA Wall Planner. This will be the sixth year it has been printed and distributed.

An email was sent to all Members requesting advertising for the planner. We have had a fantastic response, but there are still a few spots available to be taken up.

Please email Jacinta Gall your ads at: ASAP. It will be folded and inserted in the October / November issue of Sand & Stone but unfolded copies can be ordered and printed as well.


  • ERR Industry Reference Group Meeting, DEDJTR Melbourne, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Site visits of Members and Potential Members, NE Victoria, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson and Adrian Town.
  • Meeting with Peter Murphy, Alex Fraser, Derrimut, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson
  • Site Visits to Members and Potential Members, Metro South East, by Gavin Moreira and Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Extractive Industry Taskforce meeting (Supply and Demand), DEDJTR, Melbourne,  Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with The Hon Wade Noonan, MP 1:00 pm, Melbourne, Attended by Garry Cranny, Ron Kerr, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Associate and Management Committee meetings held at William Adams in Sunshine West.
  • Earth Resources Regulation Industry Reference Group, DEDJTR Melbourne, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with Elizabeth Radcliffe, Director Stakeholder Engagement, ERR DEDJTR Melbourne, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with Peter Tange, DELWP regarding progress with Native Vegetation Framework Review, Melbourne, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • IQA Women’s networking lunch, Melbourne, Attended by Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Member Site Visits to Gippsland area, Gavin Moreira and Adrian Town.

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