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By on January 31, 2017


The 2017 CMPA Wall Planner was inserted into the last issue of Sand & Stone. This is the sixth year the Planner has been put together and it is bigger and better than ever. Your feedback on its usefulness in the office or the lunchroom would be greatly appreciated. The CMPA is looking to improve on this tool for the years ahead. If you require any more copies of the wall planner please contact the Secretariat and we will be more than happy to send them to you.

Thank you to the twenty four Members who have taken ads, your support is greatly appreciated.

Remember to Support the Suppliers who support you.


On 21st November, 2016 the CMPA Associate Committee held its final meeting for the year at the office of Galesafe Weighing in Thomastown. Thankyou to Rowena and James Cairns for their hospitality and hosting of the meeting. The CMPA Honorary CEO, Ron Kerr was a late apology but in his absence the Secretariat brought up issues that Voting Members and quarries in general are facing:

  • Reduction in the number of new work authorities (due to length of time and costs involved to get an approval to start a quarry)
  • Increased number of Work Plans and variations / extensions currently with VCAT (due to increased number of objections from the community and developers for usage of the land on neighbouring properties)
  • Problems with the Risk Management approach to doing new Work Plans and variations / extensions online – RRAMS (due to the nature of the IT system and the increased number of reports required, adding more time and costs to complete and submit)
  • Public Reporting (increased time and money spent to produce reports as well as increased exposure of business dealings to competition and the community which could be detrimental to the quarry business in the long term)
  • Slope stability issues resulting in two fatalities last year (extra pressure now coming from regulators to comply and ensure sites are safe)

All of the above points are placing added burdens on our members which is resulting in a reduction in spending to grow their businesses which in turn is adding pressure to Associate members as they are not getting sales or even opportunities to quote on their products.

The Associate Committee were happy to support the CMPA and its members in lobbying government on whatever road the Secretariat and Management Committee choose to tackle these ongoing issues. He thanked them for the very important part they play in supporting the Voting members, the equipment and services they supply as well as their association, for without them we would not have the Secretariat we have today.

Discussions were held about last year’s AGM and Annual Dinner and this year’s event to be held on Saturday 16th September 2017 at The Pier, Geelong. Items brought to the table included, concerns about the low numbers of Voting Members attending the event and how this can be addressed as well as entertainment and activities to make the event an enjoyable weekend.

The growth and development of Sand & Stone was discussed and so too was the importance of Associate member contributions in the form of editorials, advertorials and staff profiles. This will not only help keep the content interesting for all readers but publically advertise your business. An integral part of being a member of an association is to be able to communicate to other members what you are all about and what you can offer to help grow each other’s businesses. Successful businesses can only benefit the industry in the long run.

Associates see the CMPA website and social media site LinkedIn as being pivotal tools in the coming year to increase brand awareness for their businesses. The website NEWS section is now being updated weekly by the Secretariat and includes past meetings, safety updates and Associate or Voting Member information. Google analytics and reporting are also a high priority for the Secretariat to enable us to identify the usage, by members and public, of the website.

Increased online presence this year.

The re-development of the CMPA website was completed last year and is a fantastic tool to find whatever you are looking for with regards to the industry. The following new initiatives are now in place to ensure better communication and a wider spread of information amongst members:

  • The website is able to be viewed on different mediums (mobiles, ipads, laptops and desktops)
  • News Blog updated weekly with meetings, safety updates and member information
  • Sand & Stone can be viewed as a pdf or as an new online magazine with article search capability
  • CMPA is now utilising social media with a developing LinkedIn account and YouTube channel for videos
  • Electronic Direct Mail via Mail Chimp is being used to provide monthly Safety Updates and other updates as required
  • The Preferred Suppliers search has been enhanced with greater ways to find Associates and Voting Members
  • Memberships and publications can be ordered through the online store

At present the Secretariat is finalising the ability to make credit card payments through the websites online store as well booking and paying for events.

AGM & Dinner 2017 – The Pier, Geelong

The CMPA AGM and Dinner is one of the best industry events of the year – definitely not one to miss. This year we move to the south of the state to Geelong and it’s shaping up to be another spectacular event.

Arrangements and bookings are presently being made for the evening’s entertainment and for dinner. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning activities being considered include, a winery tour and a cruise on the bay to name just a few.

Sponsorship opportunities have commenced, Associates are moving quickly and are already committing to the event. Remember, this is an exceptional opportunity to promote your business, support your fellow CMPA members and network in a hassle-free atmosphere.

Thank you to the following Associates for their early sponsorship:

Platinum – Crushing Equipment

Gold – Gordyn and Palmer

Silver – Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Australia and Flexco

With only eight months to go it’s very important to book your weekend away early and avoid missing out on the accommodation of your choice.

Don’t risk missing all the fun. If you haven’t already put this date in your diary – do so NOW.
Further details will be revealed in the next issue of Sand & Stone.

Date:                     Saturday, 16 September, 2017

Location:             The Pier, Geelong

Time:                     5.00pm for AGM, 5.30pm for Pre-Dinner drinks

                                6.30pm for Dinner

Cost:                      $160 per person

To register your interest please contact the Secretariat 03 5781 0655.

Recent Events

  • Business lunch with Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Suburban Development, The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio, Melbourne, E. Gibson.
  • Site visits to potential 2018 Annual Dinner venues, G Moreira
  • CMPA Marketing Meeting, by teleconference with Adrian Town.
  • Earth Resources Regulation Stakeholder Reference Group  (ERRSRG) meeting, E. Gibson
  • Owen Virtue Advisor to Minister for Resources, Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • Meeting with Matthew Butlin, Red Tape Commissioner, DTF, Melbourne E. Gibson
  • Meeting with Peter Tange, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning regarding proposed changes to Native Vegetation, G. Cranny, Paul Kelly (Paul Kelly & Associates Ecological Services) and E. Gibson
  • ERRSRG Public Reporting Working Group which also included Public Sustainability Reporting, Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • ERRSRG Stakeholder Engagement Working Group, E. Gibson
  • Peter Seamer, CEO Victorian Planning Authority, Melbourne, E. Gibson to discuss strategies for protection of the supply of construction materials in the future in light of predicted population growth in Victoria.

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