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By on June 21, 2024

David Camilleri, Alloys International Australasia: When I first joined the company in 2016, one of my earliest rolls as Sales Engineer was to further expand our presence within the Quarrying and Mining industry. My advice was that we had good sales of our Chrome Carbide Overlay Wear Plate (AbrasaPlate®), but there were many unexplored opportunities. AbrasaPlate® was a good product for me to enter the market and further build and expand on customer relationships.

I came across Conundrum Holdings in a simple Google search and contacted Charles Kerr at their Epping Quarry. Charles suggested a trial at the Stawell Quarry as the rock there was much more aggressive, and any results would be attained in a short period of time.

The opportunity offered was to go up against the highest wearing plate in the quarry, being the circulating discharge impact plate. The 1m discharge combined with 135mm minus Hornfels rock at a rate of 400 -600 tons/hour has been the challenge for all plates trialled in the past. Challenge Accepted! In May 2016, Heavy-Duty Cross Hatch AbrasaPlate® 9 on 10 with dimensions 570mm x 750mm was installed directly beside the existing plate.

In summary the result, with 1 million ton achieved over each four indexes, The AbrasaPlate® Cross Hatch far exceeded expectation and was noted to be the best plate Conundrum has come across since established in 1988.

The decision was made to line the chute with our Cross Hatch AbrasaPlate®, though because the wear life was exceptional, it was lined with a thinner version 6/8 to lower the weight on that area.

Well, I have to say that was a huge confidence boost for myself, and the Cross Hatch AbrasaPlate® has since been my go-to for any Quarry/Mine approached from there forth.

PHOTOS: Front Cover – Left Don Rigby Quarry Mgr, Centre David Camilleri Right Todd Shear Avweld/Alloys Int Sales Engineers

PHOTO: Left David Camilleri, Right Don Rigby with location of AbrasaPlate®
PHOTO: Partial Wear AbrasaPlate®
PHOTO: AbrasaPlate®

On the back of that success, we at Alloys International have continued to expand applications within the Conundrum Group, supplying AbrasaPlate for the lining of screens, chutes, crusher, buckets along with maintenance welding consumables such as hard facing and low hydrogen.

In October 2021, Charles contacted me, advising one of the Cone Crushers require new wall liners and would like to apply the Cross Hatch AbrasaPlate for maximin wear life against Rock Hornfels 100 – 50mm, 200,000 ton/pa.

The AbrasaPlate 9/10 Cross Hatch Liners were firstly reversed engineered by our engineering team. With our DXF drawing, they were cut, rolled, and installed in Nov 2021.

The Cross Hatch wall liners were inspected in April 2024. In the high wear zone of the crusher, we found minimal wear within the Cross Hatch weld overlay and had yet to recede into the solid 9mm chrome carbide. At this rate, our expectation for this application is to achieve 15 years. Another pleasing result.

PHOTO: Conundrum Holdings Progressive Rehabilitation Stawell Quarry

Jason Bond, CEO.
“Alloys International are a family-owned business. We offer many quarry related consumables, such as AbrasaPlate, AbrasaPipe, AbrasaStuds, Chocky Bars and Buttons, Grizzly Bar Caps, and Loctite Patch Repair options. We also offer the widest range of hardfacing alloys available for excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

Within Avweld (Maintenance Repair and life Extension Division) we have 80 tonnes of overhead crane capacity and comprehensive machining capability. We like to keep at the forefront of the industry, offering Laser & PTA Cladding, Mig Welding and Thermal Spray Coatings. Avweld and Alloys International combined, provide superior product and services of which enable us to keep ahead of the competition with over 40 years servicing the industry.

Alloys and Avweld have offices around the country, with manufacturing and repairs taking place at the head office in Melbourne”.

Our Chrome Carbide Wear Plate comes in a wide range of thickness, from 3on3 up to 25on12. The Cross Hatch AbrasaPlate has been one of our most popular products due to its ability to lower overall weight whilst increasing wear resistance.

BELOW: Photos showing our workshop weld repairing and machining crusher shells

Avweld & Alloys International joined the CMPA back in 2016 and since joining, have strengthened their relationships with other CMPA members and have enjoyed working and colabrating with them to help the industries production and safety now and in the future.

Conundrum Holdings is a founding member of the CMPA (2000)

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