Crushing and Screening Training — Maximising Your Training Dollar

By on April 12, 2008

After over two years of hard work the ‘Conduct Crushing’, ‘Conduct Screening’ and ‘Conduct Combined Crushing & Screening’ reference manuals are at a point where training can be delivered on a large scale.

This has resulted in a number of queries to the CMPA as to why a student would do both or either of the conduct units when they were going to undertake the combined unit. The answer to this requires an understanding of what each of the units entails:

Conduct Crushing

Day one covers, in detail, the difference between the different types of crushers and why they are used in different applications. Day two focuses on the daily checks and inspections (and how to conduct these) that a crushing plant operator would conduct.

Conduct Screening

Day one covers, in detail, the different screens, conveyors, bins and hoppers and looks at the add-ons to these items of capital (such as different screening media and take-up mechanisms). Day two mirrors the previously mentioned course, with a screening focus.

Conduct Combined Crushing & Screening

This course is focused on the supervisor of the crushing and screening plant or a person who is required to have an appreciation of the interaction between the crushing and screening plants. Day one looks at capital issues above and beyond that covered in the first two units (such as manganese selection and crusher speed). Day two looks at checks and troubleshooting that this person would undertake. This assumes that the person has already attended the first two sessions and does not duplicate any information.

Please note that the unit Work Safely must be completed prior to any of these units.

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