Developing the Resources Industry

By on December 3, 2006

Regional Development Victoria’s Funding Initiatives

Regional Development Victoria, part of the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, is the Victorian Government’s lead agency in developing rural and regional Victoria. The primary focus of RDV is on investment attraction, job creation and building stronger economies, communities and infrastructure to create a strong and growing provincial Victoria.

Within RDV is the Resource Based Industries Unit which is specifically focused on developing new initiatives and assisting businesses that add value to the State’s natural resources, such as businesses within the Victorian extractive industry.

The group works with individual companies, Government agencies as well as industry organisations, such as the CMPA to stimulate business activity, investment and employment in regional Victoria.

Sustainable development is a key focus and includes promotion of economic development based on recycled water. The group works with companies and provides advice on business and management strategies through:

  • Assistance programs
  • Business planning and training
  • Advocacy and liaison with industry
  • Investment
  • Market development and access
  • Helping firms perform better

Through RDV, businesses can access a number of programs designed to promote business and industry development, work with Local Government and communities, help new businesses establish themselves and pave the way for existing industries to grow and diversify. Some programs offered include:

Grow Your Business Programs:

  • Business Strategic Review:
    • Provides businesses with an opportunity to gain insights into their company’s potential growth and development
    • 75% of total cost up to $4,000
  • Business Development Plan:
    • Assists an organisation plan where their business is heading by looking at either overall operations or specific areas such as finance, environment strategies or production and process
    • 50% of total up to $7,500
  • Group Program Grants:
    • For a minimum of five firms, and designed to encourage smaller firms to build up their skills for long term growth. Includes one-on-one business counselling as well as group workshops
    • 75% of total cost up to $15,000

The Innovation Programs:

  • Technology Evaluation:
  • Assists companies identify and fast track the evaluation of technology
  • 50% of total cost up to $20,000
  • Technology Demonstration:
  • Assists businesses to showcase the successful implementation of new and emerging technologies
  • 50% of total cost up to $20,000

Other programs offered by the department include funding for training of new staff in regional areas and funding for export related business planning activities.

Further information about any of the programs offered by Regional Development Victoria can be found at or by contacting Emma Spottiswood from the Resource Based Industries Unit on 03 9651 8003.

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