DPI Update (Issue 30)

By on December 3, 2006

Update on Initial Developments Regarding the Process for Transition of OHS Responsibility from DPI to VWA

Following is an update on initial developments regarding the process for transition of OHS responsibility from DPI to VWA.

On 24 October the Government announced the transfer of responsibility for OHS regulation of the earth resources sector from DPI to VWA from 1 January 2008.

DPI and VWA have now met and established a Steering Group to manage the transition process and on-going cooperation between the agencies.

VWA members are Geoff Thomas, Pieter Rienks and Cath Duane. DPI members are Richard Aldous, Phil Roberts and John Mitas.

VWA has appointed Katrina Hansen to project manage the establishment of its capacity/systems to regulate the sector and the transition process. DPI has appointed Darryl Casey to co-ordinate its input into the transition process. Both Katrina and Darryl will have access to other staff in their organisations to assist in their tasks.

The Steering Committee will use the established Triparite Forum as a stakeholder reference group for the transition process and the establishment of VWA capacity/systems. The forum will continue to be chaired and supported by DPI through 2007, after which VWA will chair and support the forum.

Some of the key issues which will be addressed in the transition process include:

  • Management of/participation in on-going regulatory actions (investigations, notices, prosecutions)

It has been agreed that VWA will have carriage of all major new investigations between now and 2008. DPI will continue current prosecutions.

  • VWA access to DPI records of audits, notices, prosecutions, site and tenement information, etc.
  • VWA access to information on DPI OHS programs and business systems, and knowledge transfer regarding mines/quarries/petroleum sites
  • Referral of Health and Safety aspects of work/operations plans to VWA
  • Ongoing cooperation between agencies in on-site regulation, including emergency response
  • VWA proposed structural arrangements and resourcing for undertaking resources sector OHS regulation
  • VWA recruitment plans and induction of new recruits.

VWA advises that recruitment will require Board approval, but is expected to advertise for positions in February 2007 with recruitment commencing July 2007.

  • Consultation with CPSU/FSU
  • Input to the National Mine Safety Framework
  • Drafting a new MOU and status of the existing MOU
  • Learnings from the Beaconsfield Inquiry and future actions

Further information on this transition process will be available in the coming months.

Phil Roberts, DPI

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