Education (Issue 30)

By on December 3, 2006

CMPA Facilitated Training

Work Safely

Following the piloting of Conduct Local Risk Control it has been resolved that this unit will now be incorporated into the Work Safely course. By completing Work Safely you will in fact complete two units of competency. (Units not separable).

Perform Basic Cutting & Welding

Those considering holding a course onsite in 2007 are advised to book their site audit with Quantec Solutions at least one month in advance to ensure adequate time to fix any issues beforehand.

Service & Handover Front End Loader

This course covers servicing and maintenance up to 250 hours and results in better maintained equipment at your site. (This course does not involve the operation of the equipment, nor does is result in an operational licence).

Work Safely at Heights

This course has been greatly revised following the two pilot courses undertaken recently.

The course now covers more of the regulations and it only overviews equipment. The course has been shortened to 1 day theory and half day practical.

Meeting Facilitation

This one day course is presently under development. It will be a recognised unit aimed at leading hands, quarry managers and OHS representatives.


The Quality course is currently under development and will consist of a two day course focusing on scenarios and practical activities.


Following a number of cancellations/poor attendances due to discrepancies between bookings and actual attendances, the booking procedure for all CMPA facilitated training has been amended.

The process now includes an 80% cancellation fee for cancellations received with less than one week notice prior to the first day of the course.

For details on all CMPA facilitated training please refer to your CMPA Training Directory (contact the CMPA for extra copies) or visit the CMPA website.

CMPA facilitated training is delivered Victoria wide throughout the year and can be held on site or in a specific area upon request if appropriate attendance numbers are available.

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