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By on October 3, 2018

BCA Consulting (formerly Bell, Cochrane & Associates), has been actively involved with the CMPA from the first meeting in 1999 at Campbellfield.

We have seen the Sand & Stone publication evolve from its early beginnings to its present format which is a very professional and informative magazine for our industry.

Sand & Stone has served as a source of valuable information and supplier contacts to CMPA members and also as a tool to help recruit new Voting, Workforce and Associate members. The content and presentation of the magazine has also helped in raising the CMPA’s profile and credibility with State and Local Government agencies and related industry and professional associations.

The Member’s Spotlight segments of the publication also give other members an insight into issues faced around the State and which may also impact on them as they develop their businesses.

Site Photo: Drilling Work

Site Photo: Drilling Work

BCA has a long history with many operators and sites across Victoria both before and after the CMPA’s inception. We have seen a clear and steady improvement in operational management within CMPA member’s sites since its inception. This is in large part due to the Workshops, Reference Manuals, Checklists and publication resources organised and developed by the CMPA.

Unfortunately, our regulatory environment has not shown the same progress despite intense lobbying and engagement by the CMPA staff and Management Committee members over many years.

Belatedly, Government has now recognised the essential role our industry plays in the States development and is trying to correct this negative trend. The CMPA now has a rare opportunity to assist in this process which will hopefully lead to improvements in Work Authority and Work Plan approval times and costs.

However, we still have a long way to go with other Government agencies involved with native vegetation, cultural heritage and catchment management.

BCA have been privileged to be involved in the CMPA’s journey and congratulate the Association on achieving its 100th edition of Sand & Stone.

Basil Natoli

BCA Consulting


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