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M’ship Renewals

All Members should be aware that we are coming up to a very busy period in which all Members will receive their membership renewal paperwork for the 2005/06 Financial Year.

We ask that all Members complete all sections of the paperwork thoroughly, paying attention to detail.

Please be aware that the information supplied on your renewal forms ensures that the CMPA is aware of your company contacts and that all employees are kept up to date.

These forms also provide us with a reference for quarry materials. Ie. Enquiries regarding quarry materials could lead to the referral of a potential customer if your materials listing is thorough.

Please be aware that the information provided on your renewal forms is compiled to form your company’s listing in the Associate’s & General Information Reference Manual.

FREE Classifieds!

Jaques 2’ 4” Gyratory Cone Crusher
Contact: Cameron Goldsmith 0428 513 803

Jaques Bulldog non-clog crusher
Contact: David Germano 0428 525 726

Dunkeld Sandstone Quarry
Estimate stone reserve: 20million cubic metres
Two types of stone available: white to off white, white with reddy ironstone inclusions, other variations with depth.
Please contact CMPA for full details.

Brain Teaser

Taken from

Grant Phillips, the CMPA Chairperson, has been kidnapped! The kidnapper has tied Grant up and put him in one of four rooms…each room has a different symbol on their door. The symbols are: @, #, *, &.

Use the clues below to figure out which symbol belongs to which door and the room where Grant is

  • The @ symbol is not on the door to the room where Grant is.
  • The * symbol is on the door to the second room.
  • Grant is in one room to the right of the room with the @ symbol on the door.
  • The & symbol is to the left of the room where Grant is.
  • The # symbol is not on the first door.

Answer at the bottom of the page.

State of Play

The ILUKA mineral sand mine is continuing to develop on a grand scale, due in past to the continuing abnormal dry conditions. Both internal mine roads and external access roads are requiring crushed rock in vast quantities, with problems arising because everything is happening so quickly and resources are strained.

Business is still very strong through Western Victoria. Dry conditions have meant no interruptions to operator’s work programs, however if significant rain does commence shortly I am sure work will slow up due to a lack in confidence for investment.

Work is still busy in the Latrobe Valley. Housing remains busy whilst the land sales have slowed down quite a lot. There are no new major projects in the area and work has slowed a little because Winter is coming. I believe work will be busy again from November onwards.

Work is still fairly steady with all quarries in the Northern region getting a fair share. Whilst work is still ticking along the farmers are desperate for rain and in turn so are the quarry owners so that the farmers can get back to work which is when they require us the most. Construction work in the region is also going along quite well.

Business in the Melbourne region is still fairly busy however is beginning to slow down now.



  • The Fixed Plant Operator’s Pre Start & End Day Checklist has now been updated to a one page document similar to the Mobile Plant Checklists.
  • Major changes have also been made to the Concern Form found at the back of all checklists, this will now been known as an ‘Issue Resolution Form.’
  • The implementation of the ‘Issue Resolution Form’ has lead to the creation of a new CMPA publication—Issue Resolution Pads. Each pad consists of 100 copies of the ‘Issue Resolution Form’ and are now available from the CMPA.
  • The CMPA Act Pack has now been updated to include a comprehensive CD which has reduced the cost of the Act Packs by almost 50% to $200 for CMPA members.
  • Recently updated CMPA documents include:
    • Fixed Plant Checklist
    • Drill Rig Checklist
    • General Information Manual
    • Introductory Guide
    • Act Pack
  • New publications to the CMPA include:
    • Events Calendar
    • Issue Resolution Pad

For all purchases please contact the CMPA on (03) 9745 2132 or via email at

Brain Teaser SOLUTION:

  • Grant is in the fourth room.
  • Room number 1 has the & symbol on the door.
  • Room number 2 has the symbol on the door.
  • Room number 3 has the @ symbol on the door.
  • Room number 4 has Grant in the room and the # symbol on the door.

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