Paving Greener Roads in the City of Yarra

By on January 31, 2019

Late last year Alex Fraser paved its greenest road yet, using an innovative, high performance mix design that incorporates recycled plastic, glass and asphalt.

Richmond streets paved with PolyPave™ – a new sustainable asphalt product containing recycled plastic, glass and asphalt.

1500 wheelie bins of plastic and glass saved from landfill; equivalent to the annual kerbside recycling collection for Stanley Street’s residents.

7,300 plastic bottles and 55,000 glass bottles recycled into roads.

Alex Fraser has helped Victoria make another step towards a circular economy through the development of Green Roads PolyPave™ – an innovative, high performance asphalt product containing recycled materials, including plastic and glass. A resurfacing project in Victoria’s City of Yarra will be the first of many roads to incorporate this new sustainable material.

Alex Fraser is Australia’s leading recycler, responsible for diverting more than 3.5 million tonnes of waste from landfill every year to manufacture the sustainable construction materials needed to build greener roads.

Road resurfacing works in Stanley and Margaret Street in Richmond were repaved with PolyPave, containing recycled glass, asphalt, and HDPE plastic (hard plastic/bottles) amounting to almost 100 tonnes of recycled waste.

The trial project reduced landfill by 97.3 tonnes and carbon emissions by 633 kilograms.

Green Roads PolyPave developers Brendan Camilleri, Peter Lazarus and Nathan Delaney

Approximately 7,300 2L plastic bottles and 55,000 glass bottles were repurposed – equivalent to 1500 wheelie bins of waste glass and plastic, or the annual kerbside recycling collection for every household in Stanley Street.

The City of Yarra has engaged Alex Fraser to repair and repave several more streets, calling for an additional 1000 tonnes of the sustainable asphalt; saving another 25,000 plastic bottles from entering landfill.

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy said, “this was a prime example of how circular economy can be achieved; with government, industry and community working together to recycle problem waste streams, and invest in recycled materials to build new, sustainable infrastructure.”

“The City of Yarra’s progressive approach to the use of sustainable material is an excellent illustration of how local councils can proactively reuse the waste generated in their communities to build and maintain their cities while reducing the carbon footprint of their projects by up to 65 per cent.”

Mayor of City of Yarra Cr Daniel Nguyen said, “the City of Yarra had worked with Alex Fraser for many years to incorporate sustainable materials, like glass, recycled concrete and brick, into its road works.”

“As a council with a strong focus on sustainability we are excited about using recycled plastics in our latest roadworks for the wide range of environmental benefits it delivers,” said Cr Nguyen.

Stanley Street Richmond paved with Green Roads PolyPave

Media Enquiries:

Cara Spencer Communication Manager Alex Fraser
0417 030 232

About Alex Fraser

Established in 1879, Alex Fraser is one of Australia’s longest running companies. Every year, Alex Fraser is responsible for the production of 3.5 million tonnes of sustainable construction material from recovered construction and demolition waste, and glass fines from kerbside collections. Alex Fraser’s Asphalt crews pave of around 1,000 kilometres of green roads, every year.

About PolyPave

Alex Fraser’s PolyPave™ asphalt incorporates recycled high density
polyethylene plastic. This will be the first time Alex Fraser uses plastic in asphalt.

Incorporating recycled plastic in asphalt results in several benefits, including

  • Increased fatigue life
  • Improved asphalt rut resistance
  • Increased asphalt modulus / stiffness
  • Increased wet tensile strength
  • Reduction in asphalt mix flow and creep
  • Reduces the effect of ultraviolet radiation damage
  • Less sensitive to increased pavement temperature
  • Reduction in plastic to landfill and oceans eco systems.

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