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By on September 27, 2016

GAVIN MOREIRA, Members Services Manager from the CMPA provides a report on the latest CMPA Reference Manual and accredited training through Box Hill Institute.

The Service and Maintain Crushers Reference Manual is the next in the series of publications developed by the CMPA designed to assist owners, employees and others associated with the earth resources industry. The manual is a vital training resource for the unit of competency from the Extractive Industries Training package being: RIISAM307D – Service and Maintain Crushers (an elective unit of the Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations).

Key elements of the training are to plan and prepare to service and maintain crushers and carry out service and repairs of crushers.

On Thursday 7th and Friday the 8th of July 2016 Box Hill Institute held a training course on Service and Maintain Crushers at Conundrum Holdings Northern Quarries. Robert Letts, Combined Crushing Plant Operator from Stawell Quarry and Warwick Smyth, Plant Supervisor from Mawson’s Lake Cooper Quarry provided some highlights of the course.

The Course was run by Noel Pickering who for an ex driller had considerable knowledge of the quarry industry. The course was aimed at teaching us how to service and maintain crushers with a very big focus on safety.

SITE PHOTO: Northern Quarries

SITE PHOTO: Northern Quarries

On the Thursday we worked on safety. We covered risk assessments, JSA’s, parts of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, hierarchy of control and general safety rules. A great refresher on work safely for the experienced operators with a lot of the newer workers able to take some things back to their workplaces to implement. I was happy to see that all of the teachings of safety are already implemented and trained on our sites and most of the safety side of things are actually part of our induction, site rules, WID’s and job descriptions.

On the Friday we started the morning by finishing off on safety then moved onto equipment knowledge. The equipment knowledge covered the types of crushers, wear components and basics on how the crushers work. We were also given the CMPA “Service and Maintain Crushers Reference Manual” which covered more in depth about the parts of the crushers. We covered daily, weekly and monthly checks as well as the pros and cons of some of the crushers. I think I was looking for a more in depth explanation on how the crushers work for example how a different stroke size is achieved but I also realised that the course is “service and maintain crushers” not strip down and go into depth about the crushers. We finished off the course by conducting an assessment where we had to do a risk assessment and a JSA in groups on a part of servicing a crusher type we all know.

Overall the course was good and it was a good refresher in safety and I also learnt about some crushers that we do not use on our sites at the moment.
Robert Letts


I found the course to be quite informative, the general idea I got from the course was to make you think about what’s involved when:

  • Planning to do a crusher change or maintenance it laid out for us to really look at the preparation that should be considered when undertaking this job, with things such as, getting the people involved and running through all the steps from a to z so as we can plan how to go about it in the safest possible way.
  • Running through each step, tasks required, tools required, making sure people doing the job are trained or certified.
  • When thinking about doing this type of work, plan for the unexpected, in case something goes wrong (e.g. make sure you have fire extinguishers, first aid available, emergency management plan).

As said earlier I found it to be quite good. A good follow on to the course would be probably be to look at the internals of a crusher, parts in a bit more depth and signs to look for in regards to parts
that wear and trouble shooting.
Warwick Smyth


The CMPA and Box Hill Institute are looking to conduct another Service and Maintain Crushers course in the North East of Victoria in the middle of November 2016.


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