So you think you can Crush & Screen?

By on June 12, 2008

If you have already participated in the “Conduct Crushing Operations” and “Conduct Screening Operations” training, you may consider enrolling in “Conduct Crushing and Screening Processing Plant Operations”. Noel Pickering from Box Hill TAFE reports.

CONDUCT Crushing and Screening Processing Plant Operations is a continuation of the stand alone Crushing module and Screening module and expands your level of understanding of the processes of crushing and screening.

Today’s modern crushing and screening plant are more and more incorporating state of the art technologies for both monitoring process parameters and assisting in plant configuration. These technologies are being introduced with new plant or are being retrofitted into existing plant to optimism production and product quality.

The “Crushing and Screening Processing Plant Operations” module looks at the use of the AggFlow soft ware package that allows the user to make changes to processing parameters and observe changes in the production process on the computer screen before making any real changes within the plant. This allows “error” of choice to be realised and outputs to be compared so the optimum configuration of the plant can be mapped out before a spanner is turned, closed side setting is adjusted or a screen is changed.

Optimum configurations for different products can be readily accessed from the data bank and printed out, allowing operators to know exactly what to adjust and where adjustments need to be made. Essentially it takes the guesswork out of plant configuration, or at least lets your guesswork be analysed in a simulation before you spend hours making changes and then realising that your changes aren’t optimal. After a few hundred or more ton of out of spec product has been processed.

Remote operation is also becoming more and more popular. Remote access to the system allows operators and managers to both monitor the system and control the various functions of the system that have remote sensors attached.

Technical diagnosis can happen on-line and problems can be identified in real time from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need to shut down your plant while you wait for a technician to travel from interstate to inspect and diagnose problems in your plant.

The data collected from remote sensors is vital for the optimisation of maintenance systems and will show returns in reduction of downtime, cost of replacement parts and increases in production throughputs in remarkably short periods.

Course participants will benefit by gaining an appreciation for the operational advantages of remote plant operation combined with integrated soft ware that manages recirculating loads within the crushing and screening plant.

CMPA and the Box Hill Institute of TAFE are proud to offer the combined Crushing and Screening Processing Plant Operations module in technical training. The course is held over two days, each day comprising 8 hours training, including an instructional training manual that makes for the perfect future reference.

Details of course dates can be found on the CMPA training calendar or by contacting Box Hill Institute of TAFE directly.

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