Staff changes at CMPA Secretariat

By on May 1, 2014

The CMPA Secretariat is now a team of 3 with the appointment of Melanie Sumpter to the position of Administration Support Officer.

The CMPA Secretariat has undergone some changes over the last few months, all with intentions of improving communications with members. The team is now made up of Elizabeth Gibson, General Manager, Gavin Moreira, Member Services Manager and Melanie Sumpter, Administration Support Officer.

The benefits to members will include a more streamlined administration process with more events and resources on the table for the New Year. But more importantly more site visits and contact with members as we look to extend relationships with current members and grow the membership base for the future of the association and the industry.


Melanie Sumpter began as the CMPA Administration Support Officer on the 7th October 2013 and is very keen to learn all about the industry our members work in.

Melanie is married to Ben and has two children, a twelve year old daughter Ashleigh and a nine year old boy Jarrod. She lives in Broadford on a small farm. Melanie and her husband have cattle – Angus cows and racehorses – her husband’s interest. They have a broodmare and two, two year olds ready for breaking in and a race horse that is spelling – having a rest. A very costly hobby!

She received an Associate Diploma in an Executive Secretarial Course when she left school. She has worked in a wide variety of industries e.g. media, finance, building and many others allowing her to gain skills in many different areas of administration.

In media Melanie worked at Channel 9 in the sales and commercial placement departments which included a lot of data entry and reception. Within all departments of Channel 9, customer service was a big requirement dealing with all personalities within the industry and TV viewers.

In the financial industry, Melanie created the administration procedures for a small company Financial Advisers Australia. The company provided financial advice and debt reduction services. Melanie assisted seven representatives with their diary management and requirements, organising seminars and events, data entry, reception duties and managing the telemarketing team.

In 2008 Melanie created her own administration business providing administration services virtually to clients’ so she could work the hours that suited her family and running of the farm. Clients varied in business size from Flight Centre to Perigon a small business in Sydney that was starting out to a one man private detective’s business, the local post office and the local radio station OKR 98.3 FM. All the clients’ needs were different. In this time she was also able to enrol in Certificate IV in Business to be able to provide further administration services and assistance.

Melanie also volunteers as Secretary and Treasurer for the Kilmore Chamber of Commerce. This has given her knowledge about a how a non-for-profit organisation conducts its business and how members are the key to the organisation.

Melanie is new to the extractive industry and quarrying but is up for a challenge. She has never seen a quarry up close and would like to discover how it begins and ends.

In the office Melanie is willing and able to assist Gavin Moreira and has been for three months. “It is an interesting industry to learn about as I have often wondered what happens when the quarries run out of product, where do they get more from, what do they do with the quarry after it has finished and probably the most important question to me is – will the world run out of products and if so what will happen then?”

Member Services Manager Gavin Moreira (Administration Officer) has developed in his role over the last four years at the CMPA to become the newly created Member Services Manager. Gavin’s focus will now involve visiting Associate and Voting Member sites as well as recruiting new members to the association.

He will also be looking to increase CMPA’s market share within the industry by increasing the distribution of Sand & Stone and improve the usage of the CMPA website by members and the public. Other important tasks of the new role will be to help Melanie develop in her position to become a key part of the Secretariat and help drive the association forward.

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