By on July 3, 2003

By Paul Wilkins

The end of an era occurred on Saturday August the 16th. At the Annual General Meeting of the CMPA, Ron Kerr stepped down as Chairperson of the organisation.

Mr Kerr’s foresight and vision in setting up the Management Committee meant that positions on the committee were set at three years, with an extension possible for another three years.  The Chairperson can only serve two consecutive terms. This system is similar to that of the American President, who can only serve a maximum of two terms, no matter how popular he is. Mr Kerr’s prudent planning for the association ensures that the committee does not become stale and stagnant. It ensures that the workload is spread amongst members of the association, and provides the opportunity for an injection of new ideas from those serving on the committee.

Ron Kerr: Inaugural Chairperson of the CMPA

As time has gone by, the CMPA has grown in numbers, strength, and vitality. A stunning growth rate of 30% per annum has been achieved, which is a credit to Mr Kerr and everyone else in the CMPA.

With his three-year term concluded, Mr Kerr did not seek an extension for his appointment, thus allowing Grant Phillips of Yarra Valley Quarries to step into the position. Mr Kerr will still maintain a close working involvement with the CMPA, but will allow Grant to fulfil duties as Chairperson. Mr Kerr sees this as more of a pooling of resources than a resignation, and will continue to strive for the promotion of the CMPA amongst the broad spectrum of those involved in construction material processing businesses.

Mr Kerr was widely acclaimed by the meeting for the mountain of work he has put into the CMPA since its inception.

A new committee was elected to lead the association for a period of three years, which will conclude at the Annual General Meeting of the association in 2006.

The new committee is as follows:

Chairman- Mr Grant Phillips

Grant has held a position on the Management Committee since its inception and is the Director of Yarra Valley Quarries which operates two sites. Grant commented that he has learnt a lot in the last three years, and is looking forward to the support of CMPA members as he commences his term as Chairman of the committee.

Grant Phillips: New Chairperson of the CMPA

Mr Basil Natoli

Basil, from Bell, Cochrane, and Associates, has had 22 years experience as a consultant geologist in the extractive industry. Like Grant, Basil has held a position on the Management Committee since its inception.

Mr Raymond Walsh

Raymond has been a member of the Management Committee since its inception. He is also the regional Co-ordinators committee chairperson. He is the owner of  Walsh Ballarat Quarries. Raymond has been involved in the industry for 26 years and wished to thank the CMPA for the work they have been involved in over the past 3 years.

Mr Bob Ferguson

Bob also has 26 years experience in the extractive industry. He has had extensive involvement with Boral in the south-west of Victoria, but is now involved with Moree Quarries. He commented that over the years, he has fulfilled just about every possible position within the quarry.

Mr David Jeffrey

David is the owner of Casair, which is based in Trafalgar. He has a family history of involvement in quarries and construction companies.

Ms Mary Thompson

Mary is Director of Tylden Quarries in Kyneton, which has a production of 120,000 tonnes per annum. She has previously been involved with the Macquarie Bank, and has 16 years financial experience specialising in resource shares. Mary believes her skills in the corporate arena will be beneficial in her role on the committee of the association.

Mrs Bobbie Symons

Bobbie has been secretary of Symonds Sand Supplies in Traralgon for over 40 years. She has extensive involvement in handling all correspondence with regards to quarry management in the company. Bobbie has just recently become more heavily involved in the company and is keen to further her knowledge of the industry by serving on the Management Committee.

Mr Alan Wilkins

Alan is presently the CMPA Treasurer. He is Chief Executive of EB Mawson & Sons. Alan is a trained quarry manager, having fulfilled that position at Mawson’s Glenrowan quarry. He is also a member of the Quarry Managers Advisory Board. Alan commented that he is excited about the new nominations for the committee, and also said it has been great to see the development of the association. Alan congratulated Mr Kerr on his vision for the association, and the subsequent growth of the association.

Existing committee members include Mr Tim Bird of Allstone Quarries, and Mr Andrew Lambing of Komatsu Australia who is also Associate Committee Chairperson .

Outgoing members of the committee include Mr Ron Kerr, Mr Brendan Cooper, Mr Bruce McClure, Mr Jamie McKeller and Mr Bill Gread. 

On behalf of all Members, thank you to  the outgoing members of the Committee.   Their support and contribution to the development of the Association,   their assistance in upholding the industry and CMPA members is a credit to themselves and the CMPA.  Best of luck in the future and the Management Committee looks forward to your continued support.

Well Done! 

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