The Carbon Tax & Your Business

By on February 12, 2012

VECCI’s sustainability consultants are providing Carbon Tax Briefings across Victoria to inform about the risks & opportunities.

WITH the Federal Government’s “Clean Energy Future” package coming into force on 1 July 2012, it’s crucial that employers are prepared for the impacts the new carbon tax legislation will have on their business operations.

Small and medium-sized businesses are reporting a lack of clarity around the new laws, particularly as they relate to their own costs and profitability. However, more than two thirds (69%) of SMEs believe the carbon tax will impact their business financially. They’re right.

The carbon tax can’t be ignored. In order to survive, compete and grow in a carbon-constrained economy, understanding the carbon tax is essential.

Dealing with the commercial implications of the carbon tax is at the core of the carbon tax and your business – risks and opportunities, VECCI’s state-wide briefing series, which will cover:

  • An introduction and overview of the Government’s “Clean Energy Future” package.
  • A breakdown of the carbon tax.
  • How to survive and prosper in a carbon constrained economy.
  • Strategies to assist SMEs address issues with the new tax.
  • What is a low carbon economy?
  • The impacts to your business.
  • The risks and opportunities for your business.
  • Government assistance, initiatives and grants.
  • What your business needs to look out for from 1 July.


Business owners, directors, senior managers, CEO’s, CFO’s, accountants/finance, office, operations and facilities management.

Can’t make it to the briefings or need assistance ASAP? VECCI’s Sustainability consultants can undertake workplace visits to help you deal with issues quickly and effectively.

For more information or to register, visit or call 03 8662 5333

With the introduction of the Carbon Tax in July 2012, CMPA members are starting to request information on what the possible impact on their businesses will be. The Secretariat is seeking actual information and details on the introduction of this tax and will pass this onto all members as soon as possible

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