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By on September 27, 2016
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First Hitachi ZW370-5 Wheel Loader in Australia delivered to Hillview Quarries.

Hillview Quarries is an independently owned and operated quarry located in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria. This business has recently taken delivery of a new Hitachi ZX370-5 wheel loader, after the series was first launched in September 2015 on the Sunshine coast in Queensland.

Acquiring the new dash 5 was a vital move in order for the Quarry to remain progressive with modern technology. According to Quarry Manager Daniel Moait, “We load everything with the wheel loader now, it is a part of our operation. The Hitachi ZW370-5 speeds up the process considerably and the size of this machine has proved a perfect fit for us.”

The reliability of the Hitachi brand was a key factor in the purchase decision for Hillview Quarries, who begun using Hitachi construction equipment in 2013, when the company purchased a Hitachi ZX350LCH excavator which now has more than 5,000 working hours on the clock.

Paul Nitas, CEO of Hillview Quarries says the Wheel Loader is a credit to the Hitachi brand, “Ever since we took delivery of our first Hitachi excavator, it was unbelievable to have such a high level of reliability, averaging 99% availability.”

SITE PHOTO: Hillview Quarries

SITE PHOTO: Hillview Quarries

Now with the new ZW370-5 Wheel Loader, Hillview Quarries are putting the machine to the test. Equipped with a 15.68 litre six-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine which enables a powerful  digging performance, impressive travel speeds and a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10%. “Our operators have found it easier to manoeuvre than previous models, it has a new clutch cut-off system to control the timing of the clutch for smooth operation when loading, regardless of the terrain,” said Paul.

Comfort and safety have been enhanced by the spacious cab, air conditioning and sound insulation, and greater visibility due to the pillar-less windshield and large sun visor. The new ZW370-5 Wheel Loader is also easy to maintain to ensure maximum availability, with easily accessible greasing points, oil levels and fuel filters.

Equipped with a 6.2m3 bucket capacity, it will load more than 2,000 tonnes of materials per day, working from 6am to 4.30pm, five days a week. Approximately 80% of the materials are delivered to customers working on road and other general construction sites within a 60kM radius of the site.

SITE PHOTO: Hillview Quarries

SITE PHOTO: Hillview Quarries

“My personal opinion is that if it’s Hitachi, it will look after itself. The engineering is so good, especially in comparison to other brands, with regard to the reliability and build quality,” said Paul.

“The reliability of these machines in quarry applications is very important, the loader was a little unknown however when we were able to trial the loader onsite for the week, the feedback from our operators agreed it outperformed its competitors. The competitive price also helped with our decision, including the incredible service to which we received from our Sales Representative Wesley Don and the team at Dandenong.

From our initial request to the quotation phase, through to onsite trialling and final delivery which included Senior Management strongly supporting their product and staff, to ensure it was a memorable experience for all. It’s the best understanding & delivery of customer service I have experienced in the last 30 years within this industry,” said Paul.

Apart from a long-standing business relationship, Hillview Quarries and HCA share similar values in business etiquette. Owned by the R E Ross Trust, Hillview have a long-standing reputation within the industry since opening in 1969. The company prides themselves on distributing all of the profits made to various charities, educational and environmental projects throughout Victoria.

Hillview Quarries was a founding member of the CMPA, whilst Hitachi has been a valued member of the CMPA since March 2004.

SITE PHOTO: Hillview Quarries

SITE PHOTO: Hillview Quarries

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