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By on October 3, 2018

Cutting edge design that improves bucket lifespan, equipment performance and operator efficiency.


Tej Panesar

The primary reason customers spend money on expensive Front End Loaders is to use the bucket, therefore why not focus on its long and productive health, which has been long neglected by band aid and traditional solutions only. This reduces the productivity but since it is not measured, it goes unnoticed. With increasing pressure on quarry managers to increase productivity while reducing costs and minimising downtime, many quarries are looking to new maintenance products and technologies to help achieve this.

Thanks to some smart yet simple engineering by Tej Panesar, Head of Strategy and Operations at TSP Group – a revolutionary cutting edge named TEDGE which is versatile, universal in its application to suit all sales loaders and has a very low cost per hour of use. It is specifically designed to increase the replacement life of the cutting edge, saving time and money and increasing bucket efficiency. It also has associated reduction in maintenance costs of engines, transmission, pins and bushes, final drive and tyres.

Tej explained that over the years, insignificant improvements have been made in the design of the cutting edge, which is very inefficient even in its current form.

CAT 966M with TEDGE - Using existing holes in Moldboard.

CAT 966M with TEDGE – Using existing holes in Moldboard.

Improvements over the years have ranged from a single bevel to a double bevel reversible and from one piece to three or four pieces. It has still not solved the problem of the majority of the expensive cutting edge being wasted.

To address this, he designed and manufactured the TEDGE cutting edge, which smartly dissects the whole cutting edge into small manageable size special design pieces with two, three or four holes and a locating system that allow the cutting edge to take a tooth pattern and still remain a flat edge at the same time; a unique combination that promotes easier penetration and better bucket fill amongst other associated benefits.  This encourages better operator efficiency and ease of operation.

“In addition to the cost savings, the TEDGE reduces wastage due to traditional incomplete use of the cutting edge, eliminates the need for special tools to handle the cutting edge and associated OHS concerns and reduces downtime each time it is to be replaced,” Tej said.

Case 521E Loader with TEDGE at Hanson Bendigo.

Case 521E Loader with TEDGE at Hanson Bendigo.

By allowing for multiple configurations of the edge set up based on the material being handled and site conditions, the TEDGE can be used for various applications on a variety of equipment.

Fulton Hogan is a leading producer and contractor of asphalt products and services across Australasia with access to high-quality stone, rock, asphalt and emulsions. Phillip Olsson, Divisional Manager and Stephen McArthur, production manager at Fulton Hogan use the TEDGE for loader work in the quarrying and asphalt part of the business. They explained that the offset teeth of the TEDGE helps load the material more efficiently while taking the pressure off the loader, helping to extend the lifespan of the machine.

In addition to the superior product, Fulton Hogan values the service and support provided by TSP Group. “The response time is really quick and we find that Tej often knows what we need before we need it, he really understands his products and their life expectancy. It’s this kind of responsive service with a quick turnaround time that really sets TSP Group apart,” explained Stephen.

TEDGE at Boral Wollert.

TEDGE at Boral Wollert.

Andrew Goldman Excavations also values Tej’s service and support. “We do a wide variety of excavating and often require individual products. Tej works with us to understand the application and he then designs individual products for us, an edge to suit the conditions,” said Andrew.

Andrew Burdett from Burdett Sands was at first dubious of trying something new so started by installing the TEDGE on one machine. “We now run the TEDGE cutting edges on everything; excavator buckets to loader buckets and it has made life a lot easier for us by allowing us to get more life out of the bucket,” he said.

L150 Tooth Pattern TEDGE at Burdetts.

L150 Tooth Pattern TEDGE at Burdetts.

Also working with sand and soft rock, Anthony Graham at Graham Quarries found that the TEDGE cutting edges promote better wear and are easier to maintain. “The TEDGE really gets into the stockpile better in soft rock and breaks up small lumps in the sand,” he said.

L180 at Aidan J Graham.

L180 at Aidan J Graham.

As a CMPA preferred supplier, TSP Group works closely with the association’s members to help them meet their operational requirements and address industry challenges.

“Since its inception in 2000, the CMPA has grown in its membership, endeavour and unity; and is now widely regarded as a premier organisation committed to bringing about positive change for its membership in the construction material industry,” Tej explained.

Ron Kerr, Honorary CEO of the CMPA added, “Tej’s, as all other Associates personal and financial commitment to the aims and objectives of the CMPA since joining in 2010 has been humbling. No request made of him has ever been too difficult and he has always put his mind to the challenge and the customers’ needs. His interest in the industry is reflective of his continued presence.”

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