By on October 3, 2018

When one reflects on the past 15-20 years, the changes in the Quarry Industry and VicRoads have been quite profound.

The introduction of quality assurance contracts in the mid 90’s, changed significantly the way both VicRoads and the quarry industry worked and interacted. Naturally, there were some initial
implementation issues, but in the end, a sensible way forward was found which met the needs of both parties, particularly in the assurance of quality of products supplied to VicRoads.

Since that time the quarry industry, as a whole, has shown a great level of maturity in the ways it operates and interacts with VicRoads. VicRoads has greatly appreciated the co-operation and partnering shown by CMPA and its members on a number of fronts over the past two decades.

VicRoads has benefited considerably from the “state of the art” investment in new crushing and screening plants owned and operated by CMPA members. This has delivered an extended capacity and capability to produce a wide range of products which are consistently within specification.

The formation of CMPA’s technical committee accompanied by regular meetings and interaction with VicRoads has been a key driver in the development and update of VicRoads specifications.
CMPA have significantly contributed to VicRoads standard sections, codes of practice and test methods in a number of very positive ways. CMPA is seen very clearly, as an effective industry voice with a broad range of independence, and a vital supplier of quarry products, particularly in rural areas.


Together with VicRoads, CMPA, through its Technical Committee has significantly influenced the adoption of updated specifications for:

  • Spray sealing aggregates (Standard Section 831 and associated test methods).
  • Crushed rock for flexible pavements (Standard Section 812 and CofP 500.02).
  • Optimisation of testing frequencies.
  • Improvements to stack site arrangements.

Indirectly, CMPA ‘s Technical Committee has also encouraged and supported considerable harmonisation of specifications between Roads and Maritime Services NSW and VicRoads which has been to the advantage of CMPA members close to the NSW border.

This contribution has fostered a much closer relationship and a greater understanding of each other’s needs, this has resulted in more effective maintenance and a better outcome for all Victorians.

Towards the future, CMPA and VicRoads can continue to work together and achieve a great deal, in the use of “sustainable and fit for purpose” materials on Victorian Roads.

Graeme Newman



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