VLPA Update (Issue 39)

By on June 12, 2008

Recent rains across Victoria are increasing optimism for a good season ahead for the agricultural sector. Members are reporting they are moving pleasing amounts of product writes PETER MCCLUSKEY from VLPA.


The Victorian Government has indicated its intention to amalgamate the Extractive Industries Act with the Mineral Resources Sustainable Development Act. To this end the government via DPI has established an Extractive Industries Workshop to provide a forum for industry associations to address transitional issues and other areas of concern arising from the proposed amalgamation of Acts.

VLPA is represented on the Workshop along with CMPA and CCAA. Several meetings have taken place and discussion has centred on the planning process, duty to consult and the industry sector’s strategic outlook. It is DPI’s aim that the outcome of the process can be a shared vision for the extractive industry sector.


At this stage it is likely to be held at the Mercure in Geelong on 15 October. Members will be notified directly when arrangements have been settled.


A Federal/State process of developing uniform approaches to improve safety and health in the industry was commenced last year.

A series of seminars are currently being held to cover Overarching Principles and Key Features, a Consultation Protocol between stakeholders and a National Data Set aimed at consistency in collection of health and safety statistics.

Work so far has concentrated on uniform regulations and it appears Victorian regulations would be unlikely to change as a result. The outcome of the current process will be reported on next issue.

Peter McCluskey 0408 496 588 will be happy to provide further information on any of the above items.

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