By on October 24, 2004

Wimmera Crushing and Processing has bought the region’s first Trakpactor, a remote-control-operated mobile rock crusher, one of only eight in Australia.

The 428-model Trakpactor can crush a variety of rocks through its three-stage hammer mill crushing unit. Rocks the size of humans can be crushed to mere pebbles and concrete can be crushed to a fine rubble. It also removes steel reinforcement from the crushed concrete with a magnetic process.

Wimmera Crushing and Processing is part of the CREAIT group owned by Horsham’s Paul Creek and Tarranyurk businessman Roger “Spotty” Aitken.

Company owners Paul Creek and Roger “Spotty” Aitken check the finished product with Doug Edhouse.

Co-owner and operator of the Trakpactor, Mr Creek said that one of the advantages of the machine was its ability to reuse road materials.

“It’s ideal for shires and road construction companies because it makes a product that is a lot easier and quicker to use when laying a new road,” Mr Creek said.

“And the Trakpactor can go almost anywhere. It loads easily onto a low loader for transportation and it moves reasonably fast under its own steam as well,” he said.

A remote-control-operated mobile rock crusher, one of only eight in Australia.

Mr Creek said the Trakpactor could crush up to 300 tonne an hour with good quarrying material like sandstone, limestone, gravel and hard rock.

The company demonstrated the Trakpactor to a large group of engineers and road construction chiefs at Aitken Scotsleigh Gypsum’s limestone pit at Tarranyurk and Mr Creek said the feedback was tremendous.

“They were very impressed with what they saw and the general consensus was they were going to save a lot of time and money and help the environment at the same time,” he said.

Wimmera Crushing and Processing will hire out the Trakpactor with a loader, stacker and operator to various shires and industrial businesses.

The Trakpactor crushed and dispensed the rocks as fast as they went in.

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