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By on October 8, 2021

DAVID JEFFREY, General Manager of Casacir provides a report on the development and growth of the business and the partnership with William Adams.

CASACIR has been building its business as well as building highways, driveways and roads for more than 40 years. CASACIR has been providing the construction industry and owners with quality materials, products and services.

CASACIR began operations in 1989 with the opening of Mount Speed Quarry in Trafalgar. Business has now evolved and CASACIR has since purchased Granite Rock Quarry in Bairnsdale and re-opened the Neerim North Quarry in Neerim North which hasn’t operated since 1991.

Neerim North Quarry was first investigated by Sure Quarries in the early 1970’s with the licence and lease applied for in 1974. The site was operated continuously from the mid 1970’s until the mid-1990’s when it closed down and was rehabilitated by CSR Readymix. During that time the quarry was operated successively by Sure Quarries, Pakenham Blue Metal and finally CSR Readymix.

Casacir purchased the land in 2007 and opened the quarry for operation in 2009 where it has since developed the site and continues to do so today. When first operating the quarry raw material was carted to Jindivick from Neerim North for crushing. This continued until 2014 when fixed plant was established and now produces crushed rock and washed aggregate products. Jindivick has now closed and is currently being rehabilitated. The quarry contains blue coloured basalt rock.

The quarry has a reputation for the supply of a variety of products that have been used in State and Local Government and private sector infrastructure projects. Neerim North covers a vast area extending across the Victorian country region as well as metropolitan areas, Yarra Valley and down to the Mornington Peninsula.

Neerim North Quarry produces a basalt rock and makes a range of crushed rock products Class 2, 3 and 4 as well as oversized spalls, rock armour, ballasts and a range of quality washed aggregates. Aggregate products range from a 5mm to 20mm size meeting Vic Roads specifications.

According to Stuart Bell, Territory Manager – Traralgon; “William Adams and CASACIR have had a long standing relationship for over 30 years with numerous mobile machines being purchased in that time including dump trucks and excavators to expand its stripping and resources in the quarry as well as helping with production and operations of running the quarry.

The newest edition to the Granite Rock quarry, which is a perfect size is our new 336 GC Excavator which went straight to work loading rocks. In fact, all the 3 quarries have the new excavators all fitted with a rock grab and scales to allow greater efficiency of loads and reducing truck movements around the quarry sites. These larger rocks will be trucked up to Mt Baw Baw to stabilise a recent landslip following recent storms. The excavator was sold with William Adams’ “Willcare 335 Advantage” fixed price 3 year/3,500hr on-site service package, including travel.”

SITE PHOTO: Fixed Plant at Neerim North Quarry
SITE PHOTO: New 336 G6 Excavator with rock grab and scales

Looking forward to the next generation, Casacir has made upgrades to Neerim North’s fixed plant adding primary crushing to increase its production. There are also upgrades occurring at the Bairnsdale quarry to also allow for increased productions. The quarry life span is unlimited and the potential to increase supply areas is promising for its future.

Using the highest quality materials, friendly experts and modern technology, CASACIR can provide the materials needed for any construction job. Whether you need crushed rock, aggregate, quarry materials for huge highway projects or your special home improvement projects, you need CASACIR. Quality construction products require quality materials and services.

As a member of the CMPA since 2001, Casacir has continued to seek their assistance in areas of administration. CMPA are always on hand to offer their skills, support and experience which has greatly helped Casacir to continue moving forward and improve.

Likewise, William Adams an Associate member since 2000 continues to grow with an ever increasing number of CAT products being delivered to some of Australia’s largest equipment owners. William Adams Equipment joined the CMPA members with the view of servicing the operations that service our community as well as having a platform with which to showcase the capabilities of the Products for which we offer.


Mt Speed Road, Trafalgar South, Victoria 3824
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William Adams

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