CMPA Annual General Meeting

By on October 8, 2021

GAVIN MOREIRA, CMPA Member Services Manager, provides a summary of the CMPA AGM.

On 27th August 2021, the CMPA Annual General Meeting was held for the second time electronically on Microsoft Teams. The online event was hosted by Dr Elizabeth Gibson, General Manager of the CMPA and was attended by about 30 members and observers.

Pre-ceding the AGM was a presentation by our Annual Dinner speaker Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats member in the Victorian Upper House for the Northern Victorian Region. Tim is an MP from the bush and as a Libertarian – he believes in small government and free enterprise. He has spoken a lot in Parliament about the erosion of accessibility, the lack of support, and increased regulatory requirements for businesses operating in the natural resources sector. A few comments below from Tim about the extractive industry.

I’m passionate about keeping businesses open in rural and regional Victoria and passionate about keeping the wealth we make in our communities.

Being a libertarian, I strongly support a free market, low regulation economy. To use CMPA members for example, you offer communities and businesses within the regions you operate a better price for the resources they require. By supplying locally, you provide a competitive price per tonne, as you save your customer cartage costs.

People need the products you supply; whether its sand extracted for road-base construction, asphalt and concrete, to hard rocks such as granite used in general construction. It’s fair to say all operators in the extractive resources sector in Victoria are vital to the growth and development of our state. You provide materials for critical infrastructure and supply developers and builders to meet our housing needs.

It’s a very tough time to be operating in your industry, with changes to the Rehabilitation Bond calculations and the proposed changes to legislation and increasing delays in approval times. Once again the government makes regulations that hammer small business disproportionately.

When one has even the slightest understanding of the industry, they will appreciate the contribution you make to our way of life here in Victoria. But if you mention “Hey, we’d like to apply for a licence to put a quarry here” you’ll meet resistance, from the bureaucrats and the public.

Most who protest the approval of quarries are short sighted and fail to see that there’s planned and progressive use of the land you operate on.

CMPA Chairperson Garry Cranny (Dandy Pre-Mix Quarries) opened the meeting.

Apologies were noted and the minutes of the 2021 AGM were reviewed and approved. Garry then provided a highlights package of the past twelve months (detailed Chairperson Report starts on page 21) and then thanked everyone for the support of his time as the Management Committee Chairperson. Many special thanks to the Management Committee, Secretariat, Honorary CEO Ron Kerr, and many others. Commenting “there is a gap between the Government and Quarries and with Tim Quilty’s support it will be very beneficial. Industry is facing head winds with the regulatory / legislative changes that are coming through that will be a struggle. All members of the CMPA are striving to be compliant all while contributing to the Victorian Economy for the benefit of future generations.

All reports within the Annual Report (summary on page 22); Chairperson, Associate Chairperson, Education, Secretariat, Policy & Special Issues and the Treasurer’s reports were all approved. So, to was the financials for the year ending 30.06.21. The CMPA Strategic Plan 2022-25 was also adopted and approved.

The next part of the meeting was the Management Committee elections.

Garry Cranny announced the three nominations to fill the three vacant positions on the Management Committee. They were Jason Comben as the new Chairperson, Drew Phillips as Deputy Chairperson and John Pititto as Ttreasurer (see details below).

All agreed.

The 2021-22 Management Committee comprises:

 ElectedElected Company
ChairpersonJason CombenK&RJ Matthews Quarries
Deputy ChairpersonDrew PhillipsCastella Quarries
CommitteeCraig BanthorpeBarro Group
 Anthony BateupMansfield Crushing
 Tim BirdAllstone Quarries
 Andrew BurdettBurdett Sands
 Garry CrannyDandy Pre-Mix Quarries
 Ashley DayLima South Quarry
TreasurerJohn PitittoMead Partners
Associate ChairpersonJason RudgeWilliam Adams

The floor was then opened up for general business; Honorary CEO Ron Kerr stated, “Garry Cranny the Management and Associate committee members are in awe of the effort you have put into being Chairperson, Jason Comben will do a good job representing the CMPA.”

“Wouldn’t be an association with out the associate Members so thank you for your continued support.”

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