Coordinating a secure supply of Victorian quarry materials

By on February 15, 2023

DONNA FINDLAY, Quarry Approvals Coordinator, DJPR

Recent economic modelling undertaken by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) indicates Victoria’s building and construction industries are facing pressure from unprecedented demand and supply chain challenges, including shortages of construction materials.

The Quarry Approvals Coordinator (QAC) is a Victorian Government initiative which directly responds to these challenges. The QAC has been tasked to identify how government can better engage with the quarry industry to secure the supply of construction materials for years to come. The primary goal of the QAC is to unlock, in the immediateterm, additional supplies of hard rock and sand resources for development across Victoria.

The QAC initiative is led by Donna Findlay, Executive Director of Commercial Development and Facilitation, DJPR. Donna has more than 15 years’ experience in the public service across the infrastructure, roads and public transport, and treasury portfolios. Donna brings extensive commercial development expertise to the QAC and is supported by a team experienced in quarry operations, quarry development, economics and extractive resources supply and demand modelling.

To unlock additional extractive resources in the shortterm, the QAC is working with quarry operators to identify opportunities to expand existing operations via a change process known as an administrative update.
The QAC provides support to industry through regular engagement with quarry operators, Earth Resources Regulation and other coregulators. The QAC aims to help from within government, as a dedicated resource for industry, making regulatory pathways and processes more accessible.

The QAC case manages all administrative update applications within its scope to ensure opportunities meet the necessary requirements, and applications are prepared and submitted without unnecessary delay.

In the four months the function has been operational, the QAC has been governed by a senior interdepartmental committee with members from co regulators such as the Environmental Protection Authority, the Department for Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the Department of Transport (DOT).

Alongside its core functions, the QAC also played a critical role in developing the government’s emergency flood response for quarry materials, including facilitating Victorian planning provision amendment VC228. This amendment will enable quarries supplying materials for road construction and maintenance apply for a temporary extension of operating hours to assist in the state’s flood recovery efforts. In the first instance, this material will assist DOT deliver the government’s $165 million road repair blitz commitment.

In addition to this short-term response, the QAC is also progressing medium-term solutions to unlock additional resource to support flood recovery efforts. This includes working with local councils to identify work plans/variations which have received statutory endorsement but are awaiting final planning permission. The QAC is also expanding its industry engagement to identify new opportunities which could be prioritised within government to deliver additional resource to flood-impacted regions.

The QAC has already engaged with several CMPA members to identify the supply increase opportunities that are being taken forward by the team. At the end of the initial eight-month operational period, the QAC and its achievements will be evaluated to inform potential further improvements to the way quarry approvals processes are managed.

If you would like further information about the QAC or have a supply increase opportunity at your quarry that you would like to discuss, please contact Donna Findlay at email

Donna Finlay, DJPR

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