Eureka Concrete 50 Years – Troy Beaston

By on December 7, 2022

Eureka Concrete (Holdings) Pty Ltd began in 1972 with a staff of three and a passion for providing quality concrete to the Ballarat area. Today, with seventy staff, Eureka Concrete continues the pursuit of excellence and leadership in the highly competitive pre-mix concrete industry.

With local traits and family passion behind the image of Eureka Concrete, even the name represents Ballarat’s proud heritage, the Eureka Stockade. Like the miners of times gone by, Eureka Concrete continues to strive for the high industry standards.

When the site was first developed in 1972, Eureka Concrete was the most modern in Australia for its size and began with only two company owned trucks.

It included a 50-ton cement silo and a weigh hopper with a capacity of five cubic metres, enabling a complete load to be mixed at once. Due to the plant’s modular design, later extensions were easy to coordinate. In 1987 the Eureka Concrete silo was replaced with a custom-built plant, consisting of two six cubic metre hoppers and two 100-ton silos incorporating air control equipment which not only met, but exceeded local demands.

Over the years Mr. Graeme Beaston’s four sons have all followed their father’s footsteps and decided to work within the company in different roles. The eldest son Jason started in 1985 and is currently the Production Co-Ordinator at the Ballarat site. Troy is the General Manager of Eureka Concrete and has been working there since 1991.

Dominic started in 1998 and is involved in the Yard Maintenance and Truck Logistics and Luke works in the office as the Company Accountant since 2005.

In 1988 Eureka Concrete’s second site was set up at Beaufort, offering the community quality concrete and excellent delivery times.

PHOTO: Sand Quarry at Amphitheatre

Eureka Concrete’s third facility opened in Ballan during 1996 and demand quickly exceeded expectations in this rapidly developing market. In 2005 Eureka Concrete added a Maryborough concrete plant to their locations along with a sand quarry at Amphitheatre.

Amphitheatre sand quarry commenced operation in May 2005 producing 393.65 tonnes of sand in the first month. At this stage this plant was a dry screening machine. Over the years several ground works have been carried out including extending the dam, underground power, removal of trees, improving roads and access to the site.

A washed sand screening plant was established in March 2006 with improvements made to this plant in 2010 to give consistent sand and quality material. At present the Amphitheatre quarry services the market west of Ballarat. The quarry can provide 7mm, 14mm and 20mm pebble and good quality concrete sand.

Eureka Concrete has been a member of the CMPA for almost 12 years and is supportive of their efforts to represent the extractive industry and finds the benefits of membership to be invaluable.

Currently Eureka Concrete run 40 concrete trucks and 5 semi-tippers to keep up with the supply of concrete in the Western District and Ballarat surrounds. The current concrete plants carry 8.0m hoppers with 100-ton silos and are fully computerized. Up to 1000 cubic metres of concrete can be
batched on any given day at Eureka Concrete with over 1800 ton of raw materials utilized on those days.

Our biggest asset are our staff and have been for the 50 years in business. This industry is not hard but consistent. Our staff, with their continuous attendance allows the business to grow and prosper for many years to come.

PHOTO: First Concrete Order Ticket

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