Frequently Asked Questions (Issue 121)

By on March 31, 2022

Questions asked by members to the Secretariat to improve communication with readers.

Question – 1

How do I manage my duty to notify EPA of contaminated land that is under my control or management?

Response – 1

See Notifiable contamination guideline – Duty to notify of contaminated land (publication 2008.1 July 2021) available at

Question – 2

Where can I find information for a person who manages or controls contaminated land (including land that potentially has contamination present) on how to meet their duty to manage, and also supports contaminated land consultants who are engaged to advise on such matters?

Response – 2

See Assessing and controlling contaminated land risks: A guide to meeting the duty to manage for those in management or control of land (Publication 1977 June 2021) available at

Question – 3

Are the two EPA publications (Duty to manage and Duty to notify) finalised?

Response – 3

No, they have been subject to stakeholder consultation which has now closed. The CMPA will publish its submission on the two documents above in the next issue of Sand & Stone.

To ask a question that could be shared amongst all members in the association please contact the CMPA: Phone: 03 5781 6055 – Fax: 03 5782 2021 – Email:

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