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By on April 23, 2021

Questions asked by members to the Secretariat to improve communication with readers.

What is Social Procurment?

Social Procurement is when organisations use their buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods, services or construction being procured. In the Victorian government context, social value means the additional benefits created for all Victorians when the social and sustainable outcomes are achieved. In other words, social procurement aims to increase the value of every dollar that the government spends on goods, services and construction.

What is the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework?

The Social Procurement Framework (SPF) is a statement that clearly defines social and sustainable procurement as a key value-for-money component of government procurement. The framework provides guidance and support for the implementation of the government’s social procurement objectives.

Does the SPF have a minimum financial value to determine when it applies?

no, there is no minimum value that determines when the SPF applies. The SPF applies to all procurement activities, irrespective of their value.

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