SmartTech Australia Expands its LOADRITE Support in Regional Victoria & New South Wales

By on October 8, 2021

SmartTech Australia, the nation’s leading Trimble LOADRITE dealer, has taken steps to expand their service and support for their customers in the region of Albury-Wodonga (Associate members since 2000).

SmartTech Australia began in 2017, expanding from SITECH WA with just four employees to establish the groundworks. In twelve short months, they had acquired Trimble LOADRITE dealerships in Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

SmartTech Australia have positioned themselves as the biggest Trimble LOADRITE dealership in the country by achieving nationwide coverage to date with 12 branches in all the major cities and employing over 50 service technicians with 14 of those being NMI certified.

As to further this coverage to provide greater service and support for their regional customers, SmartTech Australia have taken the steps to open a new base of operations in the region of Albury-Wodonga.

Taking charge of this new level of operation is Shawn McNamara, newly appointed Albury-Wodonga Branch Manager. With over 5 years’ experience in the extractive industry Shawn brings to the table the technical knowledge of scale applications and installations, combined with the understanding of how to provide outstanding service and support for his customers. Shawn has recently become a CMPA Workforce Member to help further his knowledge of the industry and in the future to network with fellow members at workshops and other CMPA events.

When speaking about his experience in the industry Shawn speaks about SmartTech Australia and LOADRITE’s superiority over other scale applications in the industry he’s seen and worked with.

SITE PHOTO: Shawn Onsite with one of SmartTech’s Calibration Trucks.

“I’ve worked on other scales applications in the industry and LOADRITE is by far the best on the market. It’s very satisfying installing new systems on a range of machinery. SmartTech and LOADRITE also have a great technical support team who are always available to help fault-find issues and rectify them for the customer.”

SITE PHOTO: Shawn McNamara – SmartTech Australia Branch Manager at Albury-Wodonga

In describing what he enjoys most about working with SmartTech Australia, Shawn explains that it’s the relationships he’s formed and the knowledge of the industry he has gained.

“Working with SmartTech I’ve been able to travel all over Australia, from Queensland to Western Australia. Having this opportunity has allowed me to meet new clients and build strong work relationships, as well as develop my knowledge of the industry and its needs.”

As the industry learns to adapt with the everchanging landscape that is COVID-19, Shawn speaks to his hopes for the industry moving forward.

“My hope is that the impacts of this pandemic are minimal on our industry and the new practices we’ve learnt so far help us to keep adapting to this ‘new-normal’. At SmartTech we pride ourselves on our consistent positive customer service, and as we keep taking steps in broadening our nationwide coverage this enables us to seamlessly provide our service and support to metro and regional customers alike.”

SmartTech Australia have an extensive portfolio of LOADRITE payload management solutions which allow customers to utilise their existing machinery in the most effective way by maximising profits and minimising downtime. Not only do SmartTech offer a diverse range of Trimble LOADRITE solutions, but they also offer other industry leading solutions such as Fresh filter Cabin Air Filtration Systems, Thunderbird Drilling Systems, Rajant Industrial wireless and more.

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