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2005-2006 Membership Renewals

All Members should be aware that the end of the 2004-05 financial year is fast approaching. The beginning of the 2005-06 financial year will see the CMPA renewing all membership applications for the new period.

Membership fees have increased proportionately in relation to the Consumer Price Index.

We trust that all members are satisfied with their interactions and association with the CMPA and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your membership or on any other matters please contact the Secretariat on (03) 9745 2132.



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State of Play

A poor agricultural season over a large portion of the Western region will no doubt have a delayed impact over the latter part of the year. However, current prospects are reasonable although major highway works are not in progress. The Iluka mine is having a major positive impact just to the youth of us. I attended the mobile plant hazard workshop on March 9th which was a very worthwhile and entertaining day of training; well done to the CMPA organisers.

The road making sector is in full swing and hence the need for quarry products is in strong demand at present. Hopefully this will continue until the end of the financial year. Aggregate lime is in strong demand across the Western region and hopefully early rains will allow this to continue.

The whole of the western region is very busy, no one seems to be quiet at the moment. Everyone is flat out including the contractors. The quarrying side of things is also quite busy along with the sand pits as well. Business doesn’t look to be slowing down yet and hopefully will stay busy for the next few months.

Business in the northern region appears to still be moving along ok with some sealing aggregates still being delivered. Crushed rock and gravel sales are also going very well.

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  • The Fixed Plant Operator’s Pre Start & End Day Checklist has now been updated to a one page document similar to the Mobile Plant Checklists.
  • Major changes have also been made to the Concern Form found at the back of all checklists, this will now been known as an ‘Issue Resolution Form.’
  • The implementation of the ‘Issue Resolution Form’ has lead to the creation of a new CMPA publication—Issue Resolution Pads. Each pad consists of 100 copies of the ‘Issue Resolution Form’ and are now available from the CMPA.
  • The CMPA Act Pack has now been updated to include a comprehensive CD which has reduced the cost of the Act Packs by almost 50% to $200 for CMPA members.
  • Recently updated CMPA documents include:
    • Fixed Plant Checklist
    • Drill Rig Checklist
    • General Information Manual
    • Introductory Guide
    • Act Pack
  • New publications to the CMPA include:
    • Events Calendar
    • Issue Resolution Pad

For all purchases please contact the CMPA on (03) 9745 2132 or via email at

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