From the CMPA Associate Chairperson

By on September 29, 2022

Another year filled with challenges for all

JASON RUDGE, Manager of Major Accounts Quarry and Aggregates for William Adams (founding Associate Member of the CMPA).

The start – stop nature of the state this past 12 months has been a source of frustration for everyone. However, the continued partnership between our Voting Members and Associates has seen all of us continue our businesses with some confidence. Whilst Supply and Labour constraints for both Voting Members and Associates have provided us all with some concern and frustration. The understanding afforded to our peers within the industry have ensured working together continues to flourish.

The extractive industry has maintained healthy demand which in turn has seen Associate businesses continue to remain busy. As usual, the race to the end of the year was hectic for all, but saw most businesses finish well. The relationship between Associates and Voting Members through this busy time is exactly the reason this industry remains strong. The ability for all to adapt their business to the ever-changing landscape has been commendable. It has highlighted the importance of the strong relationship within the CMPA of its Voting members and Preferred Suppliers. Throughout this next financial year, it will be imperative for Associates to support our Voting members by continuing to be both innovative and competitive. In return, we encourage our Voting members to focus on supporting our Preferred Suppliers wherever possible.

Our Associate Members continue to sponsor and attend the various Training programs run by the CMPA in the regional areas – whilst the working landscape has changed somewhat. Face to face catch ups continue to be popular and still have overwhelming benefits for Voting Members and Associates alike to share experiences and network.

Virtual Training certainly has its benefits and can help reduce the amount of travel for our large and diverse Member base. It goes without saying that we have still been able to facilitate high quality interactions among attendees, with many business opportunities being covered off. Moving forward, we should consider using a mixture of face to face and virtual based workshops as part of the new world we will live in.

The increasing presence of the CMPA on LinkedIn has also provided the Association with an excellent platform for both media releases and articles of interest. This area has seen a significant growth in recent times and will continue to do so moving forward.

The interactive CMPA website continues also to progress. That said – there is still plenty of scope for website improvements to occur, with the aim of this platform becoming front of mind for our members. We encourage the CMPA to continue to expand and improve this platform.

As we all know, our Preferred Supplier & General Information Reference Manual is a very informative source of information, covering Associates product and service offerings. It is a popular booklet with the operations team of the Voting Members. With this in mind, please note that it remains the responsibility of the Associates to highlight their presence in the booklet during their site visits – to facilitate in-the-group product sourcing.

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank the Associates Committee and non-committee members for their attendance at our meetings, constructive participation, efforts to address topical industry issues, ideas sharing (on progressing our purpose) and providing a good think tank to represent the views and expectations of our Associates.

My special thanks go to our dedicated team of Dr. Elizabeth Gibson, Gavin Moreira, Ross Outen, Sarah Andrew and Abby Eager / April Everitt for their unwavering support throughout the year.

I would also like to record my personal thanks to each and every member of the CMPA Management Committee, and the Associates Committee. Together, we continue to work in cohesion and tackle issues with a common purpose – to make our industry better.

Thank you for making the role of Associate Chairperson a pleasurable one.

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